Firstly, what happened last year?

At the start of January 2020, we cheered to another year and a new decade. It was only short-lived after Covid-19 took the world by storm and affected millions of lives. Everyone has been affected by covid somehow, and it truly took a hit to small businesses around the UK.

Unfortunately, the virus didn't just affect the small businesses but the big companies too. The Birmingham branch of John Lewis never reopened after England's first lockdown, and I saw a great opportunity fade away. 

But every cloud has a silver lining! Fortunately, the lockdown started to lift after a year of uncertainty, and a new opportunity presented itself. My next closest store in the beautiful town of Solihull opened itself up.

mY second cHance

Earlier this year, I was ecstatic to find out that The GBE added more stores to their list. One of those being Solihull, and it is only a short drive away from Birmingham. I'm proud to announce, Sharnelle Ashleigh will be there for two separate weeks this year, 27th - 3rd October and 22nd - 28th November.

During my time at John Lewis, I will be selling some of my bestsellers and new seasonal products. Of course, chunky knit cushions will be the main product I'll be stocking throughout and some smaller blankets. During September/October, I'm adding knitted pumpkins and hot water bottles to the list. Then in November, merino wool stockings and tree toppers will be making their first appearance.

tHe 'C' Word... CHristmas.

I know, it's six months away yet! The most magical (and dreaded) time of year comes around so quickly that I can't help but mention it early.

Also, in September, the last order date for guaranteed Christmas delivery will be announced. Please be sure to order before the date stated as it will be a busy few months and you'll avoid any disappointment.