Back by popular demand, the Chunky Knit Hats will be making their return in Autumn 2021. 

taken off tHe prodUct list

In December 2019, I made my last hat for the foreseeable future. I focused all my energy on Christmas and local art markets, which didn't leave me much time for the smaller items.


I posted a picture back in 2019 of my Woolly Bookcase stacked full of WATG's chunky wool. That bookcase didn't look like that for long. The popularity of my hats grew, and the bookcase was soon almost empty! I also posted a picture of a drawer full of their 'Shiny Happy Cotton' (which I never had the time to practice with). I was utterly ecstatic that people loved my handiwork, but I soon couldn't keep up with the demand.

making a comeback

I received a message just before Christmas 2020 from a lovely customer. She asked for two hats to be made for her since she loved the one I made over a year ago. I gladly obliged to make it for her, and it was my chance to get the 'smaller' knitting out again. (even though the wool I use is still classed as super chunky)

As soon as I picked up my circular knitting needles, I had a moment of panic. My mind went blank! I had to talk myself through the steps. "Slip knot," I said out loud. What's next?... "cast on," (right, let me see if I remember how to do this). After a few nervous moves, everything started flooding back to me. "Magic circle, Knit one, Purl one and Decrease." I was back in business.

I know what you're maybe thinking. 'You're a person running a small business based on knitting, and you've forgotten how to knit?' Trust me. It is easy to forget something you haven't done in a while initially. But it's just like riding a bike! Once you learn, you never truly forget.

But How do you make your blankets?

tHe retUrn

After posting a couple of pictures on my Instagram stories, I had many messages asking for the hats to come back. I couldn't ignore the demand for them. So, now I'm on a mission to make as many hats as possible before Autumn.

Back in 2019, I made hats to order, but I know this will be impossible to do for 2021. With the bit of time I have towards the end of the year, it is more logical to have the hats pre-made and ready to send.